Link Building, the New Era of Information Network

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Nowadays, information system and technology are part and parcel of everyone’s life. For every field of work, information and resources are needed. For the better use of information and business promotion activities, internet came into existence. Internet is hence known as network of networks. For efficient and proper use of the internet, information was uploaded for access. To view this information, different websites or the addresses or storages where this information is stored were built. There came a large number of many informative websites which corresponded to many fields like education, business, enterprise, factory, transport, national information system, and much more.

The technological method which is used to connect information file and the user is called a link. Better yet, a link can also be defined as the address, which when clicked on, displays the website and the information. To develop links and websites, the technology or the method involved is called Link Building. Building links is classified into two categories. These are inbound link building and outbound link building. The link building technique where different links communicate within a single website is called inbound link building, while outbound links are those where two different websites are communicating with each other.

Those are the techniques to build links to a website with the purpose of increasing internet popularity and traffic. They are really great approaches to, and very effective for building page rank or high page rank in search engines. Basically from web point of view, link building techniques can be classified in other ways, which are based on linking. These classifications show that link building can be one way link building; two way link building and multiple link building. In one way link building, website A can link to website B, but B cannot link to A for coming back. In two way link building, a user working in website A can go to website B and can again come back to website A. In multiple way link-building, users in website A can go to website B and from there, they can go to another website say website C. There is mutual linking between website A, website B and website C.

Through link building approaches, a website can achieve higher page ranks, increase in web traffic and number of visitors to that website, increase in search engine positioning and visibility on the internet, increase in popularity and sales with increase in promotion of an organization. Some common notions and ideas for link building include setting an achievable goal, then ensuring that the website has relevant keyword. The next approach at this point is to target websites for your links, and then build a quality link support.

These days, people are building links by posting articles, exchanging links with partners; participating in blogs and reviews, submitting press releases, and posting classified ads. The new way of making information readily accessible to people is by link building, which has proved very useful to most people like students, businessmen, tour operators, just to name a few.

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